Inquiry Learning

Inquiry at Burnham Primary is a student driven learning area.  Library-3

Students are asked to take ownership of what they want to learn.  By tapping into their passions, interests and concerns, the students are directing the learning to be current and relevant.  This enables the students be motivated about learning and be throughly engaged.  In tuakana/teina co-operative groups, the children are asked their worries and concerns around themselves and their families, the community, New Zealand and the wider world.  This then is translated into areas for inquiry for the following year’s learning.

The staff work together to create an over-arching document that forms the basis for key learning concepts.  To maintain the model of collaboration, at key stages of the inquiry model, the whole school comes together to work on a common activity to highlight the learning at different stages.

The inquiry model enables all students to be involved.  By providing scaffolding, teachers are able to build on different skills relevant to their area of the school and accommodate for learning styles.

The result of such a process has shown that the children are able to articulate and demonstrate new learning and skills.