If you are considering Burnham School as an educational option for your child please call 03 3476851 to arrange a meeting with our principal Pauline Jansen.  Alternatively please complete our on-line expression of interest form.

New Entrant Enrolments

When you enrol your child you will be asked to fill in the following forms:-

  1. The New Entrant Enrolment form and the Enrolment form.
  2. Well Child School Health Service form for the Public Health Nurse
  3. Bike Track permission form
  4. The school is required to see a copy of the child’s birth certificate to verify the date of birth, and also the immunisation certificate.
  5. Our 3 Wishes goal setting survey (optional).

We welcome parents/caregivers of the new entrant into the classroom for visits prior to starting school. Please phone the school to arrange a time. Pre -entry visits are usually arranged for Thursday from 8.55am to 11.30am.

We work closely with our local Pre-Schools and Kindergarten  to ensure that every child has the best transition to school possible. Prior to new entrant children starting school, we ask all children to spend three morning sessions at school 8.55-11.30 to get used to school. Some children require more time and some require less, our staff will advise you.  A parent or caregiver is to remain at school during each visit.

Year 1-8 Enrolments – Everyone is welcome – We have no zone.

  1. Enrolment form.
  2. Bike Track permission form
  3. Please note our uniform can now be purchased from The Warehouse in Rolleston, with the exception of the polar fleece.  This can be ordered from our school office.

Burnham School children welcome new children.   They see a new class member as a new friend.