Hockey is played during Term 2. The school caters for all years 5&6 and 7&8 students at the Selwyn Central Zone Hockey tournament.
The Selwyn Central Zone Hockey tournament is a day event held in Term 2. This is a day tournament where all schools within our Zone compete against one another. First and second place advance through to Canterbury’s to compete.
Burnham School has signed a three year deal with New Zealand Hockey’s Small Sticks Programme, which started in the year 2017. This programme gives all students a chance to upskill their fundamental skills while playing small-sided hockey games. This programme takes place in Term 2 for all classrooms.

Competition: Zone Hockey and Canterbury Championships (if they qualify)
Training: Team trainings are held at lunchtime leading up to the Zone event. When the small stick programme is at school additional trainings are had by the specialist coaches.
Uniform and Equipment: For Zones or Canterburys students will compete in the schools hockey uniform including playing socks. Shinpads can be borrowed from the school as well. Mouth guards are compulsory for all players.