2015 and Beyond – Strategic Planning

Last year the BOT consulted with our children, staff and parents; as a result we have set our strategic direction. Our Charter, Strategic Plan 2015-2017 and 2015 Annual Plan are available on the BOT page of our school’s website www.burnham.school.nz

We have a new logo:
‘Standing Tall, Aiming High’

A new motto:

Quality education in a fun, safe and friendly environment, promoting opportunities and challenges for children while preparing them for the future.

And three new strategic goals (2015-2017):

To provide quality education to ensure our children are prepared for the future.

To provide a fun, safe and friendly learning environment.

To provide challenges and opportunities to enable children to be the best they can be.

Thank you for participating in the consultation process last year and in doing so helping to set our strategic direction.

Kind regards


Book Week a Great Success

Book Week has been a great success.  This morning we had our Story Book Parade.  Children and staff dressed up as characters from their favourite books.    Thank you to all our parents who  helped to make costumes and assisted their children to participate fully in Book Week.

Remember the Book Fair is still open today and tomorrow.  There are lots of lovely books.   Every book sold helps us to buy books for our library.



Proposed Bilingual Classroom – Expression of Interest

Kia ora Burnham Whanau,

A pamphlet was sent home with all children on Friday regarding the proposed bilingual classroom at Burnham School.   If you are interested in enrolling your child please return the expression of interest form (part of the pamphlet) by Monday the 22nd of September.

If you are interested but would like more information do not hesitate to e-mail me on principal@burnham.school.nz anytime, call 347 6851  during the week.

Answers to questions I have already been asked:

Question 1:  How will the children cope with moving from learning in English to learning in Te Reo?

To ease children into the bilingual classroom the class will begin in Term 1 with children learning in Te Reo for approximately an hour a day.  During Term 2 the children will build up to learning in Te Reo for approximately two hours each day.  As the children’s level of Te Reo grows so will the amount of time spent using Te Reo.  Towards the end of the year the children will be learning in Te Reo 50% of the time.

Question 2: Will the class be involved in all wonderful activities that Burnham currently offers our children e.g. zone sports, attending Technology at Lincoln, EOTC Trips, Camps, Whole School kapahaka etc?

The answer is yes! the Bilingual class will be fully involved in all school activities.

If you have not received the pamphlet I have attached it to this e-mail.

Here are some links which may be of some  help if you are considering the bilingual classroom for your child/ren.  A summary of the finding of the research article is contained in the pamphlet.



Kind regards


Room 7 & 8 Camp – Woodend

I had the opportunity today to visit Room 7 and 8 at Woodend Camp.  When I arrived the children were taking part in a variety of activities including; climbing, archery, target shooting, mini golf and go-karting.  Before dinner the children used the waterslide, racing each other down the slides.  A number of parent helpers also joined in.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team of parent helpers, without your support we would not be able to provide such an exciting range of EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) opportunities.

Room 6 Arthur’s Pass Camp

I have spent an amazing day on camp with Room 6.  We have visited Cave Stream, been hiking and eeling, built a dam,  found a geko and large spiders and played spotlight. We will sleep well tonight!

Entering Cave Stream
Eru found a geko
Playing in the stream
Learning to make rewa bread
Boys' down time.
Girls' down time.
Pani, Pou & Ti taught us how to go eeling.
The Team

Surf Safe

This week our children have been learning how to stay safe in the surf. By the end of the week all children will have taken part in a theory lesson in their classroom and a practical session in the pool. The skills our children are learning this week are invaluable and will help to ensure they stay safe at the beach. If it is at all possible, consider taking your child/ren to the beach so they can put their new skills and knowledge to use.