Transport Conveyance Allowance

What kind of assistance is available?

As we do not have any school buses, you might be able to get an allowance to help pay for your child’s transport to school (this is called a conveyance allowance).

Who can qualify?

Your child must meet all 3 eligibility criteria to get help with transport to school.

First criteria

The school must be the closest that your child can enroll at, and is either:

  • Mainstream state school
  • Māori-medium school (Our bilingual classes)

Note: Māori-medium schools must either deliver Te Reo at Level 1, or at Level 2 and 51% or more of the instruction is in Te Reo.  Our bilingual classes are delivering a Level 2 programme.

Second criteria

Your child must live at least 3.2km from the school (over the shortest public road or pedestrian route from home roadside gate to the school’s front gate).

Third criteria

There must be no suitable public transport options.

What makes public transport “suitable”?

Public transport must travel within:

  • 2.4km of the roadside gate of your home, and
  • 2.4km of the closest appropriate school

Your child:

  • won’t have to be picked up before 7am
  • can get to school before it starts
  • can be picked up no later than one hour after school finishes
  • won’t have to change buses more than once on a journey

What if suitable public transport becomes available?

Your school will tell you if there won’t be a Ministry-funded service anymore because public transport has become available.

To Apply

Please ask for our office manager or principal to locate the form for you on the MOE website, complete it and get our principal to sign the form.